sensorium studio sisak
sensorium studio sisak

Mastering, mixing, editing, recording and other audio services. So far we provided mastering for underground electronic labels such as Creme Organization (including sublabels), Endless Illusion, Repartiseraren, Raw Culture Rec, Return To Disorder, and artists such as Legowelt, ekman, Lake Haze, and many others.

Productions recorded in the studio or on Synth Lab events can be heard on labels such as Enfant Terrible/Gooiland elektro, Endless Illusion, Dark Entries, Return To Disorder, Kraftjerkz etc.

Location recording services for tv/film are also provided, with clients such as Nova TV, Rebel Republic Films, B.A.K.A. Productions and Prvi Red Fotelja d.o.o. (filming for HRT).

The owner and engineer – Saša Rajković, better known as Zarkoff is an accomplished producer. He is known for his solo work and also bands FFFC (with Le Chocolat Noir), Sumerian Fleet (with Alden Tyrell and Mr Pauli) and numerous collabs with Popsimonova, ikonal, Lab Personnel etc.

The studio is digital with some analog outboard and instruments. The mastering chain consists of SPL Vitalizer mk2T, GSSL 4000, SPL Kultube, Neve 8803 eq and Voxengo plugins.