Oblaci su daleko

Ivna Ji and me were recording sound for  BAKA Productions, here we are taking a break on a rooftop in Rijeka, for their new fim Oblaci su daleko

Žen – Sunčani Ljudi LP

Žen’s album “Sunčani ljudi” is gatting rave reviews, and rightfully so, I think it’s a masterpiece. I’m very happy to have been a part of this project as a mastering engineer. Check this great video for Sonična taktika


Ples bijelog ljeta

This short film by Goran Nježić and Matija Tomić (BAKA Productions) got 2 awards at Croatian Short Film Revue “Kratki na brzinu”, my modest contribution was sound editing, first time working for a film.

Serious Sam Bogus Detour soundtrack

There’s a first time for everything – mastering a game soundtrack as well.  Serious Sam franchise the Bogus Detour top down retro shooter, music by Croteam’s Damjan Mravunac!

Ekman new EP

I did a batch of masters for Creme this spring and now that stuff is being released – this one is a banger!